An Interview with Angelina Dreem of Powrplant

by Bianca Perez



***Join Powrplnt this friday for an exhibition of young artists that have completed their fout-week digital art series. The work ranges from video, digital collage, and music. More info here.***

What is Powrplnt? What inspired you to create it? What are your goals for this project?

Powrplnt is a digital art collaboratory. We want to make computers and software accessible to all. We host donation-based classes, free classes for teens, and open lab hours with someone present to answer any questions you may have.

Who are you? What led you to start Powrplnt? Who are the people involved?

I started Powrplnt with the help of my friends Anibal Luque and Sophie Sofar. We each have our own specialty, but came together over a unified vision that access to computers and software should be available to all. We now recruit artists to volunteer three hours of their time. We’re connecting young artists with established artists in the neighborhood.

There’s no doubt that computer savviness is essential for traversing the modern world. How will Powrplnt aid in spreading tech knowledge locally? 

We have our doors open and are available to help anyone with anything computer-based. I went around to schools in the neighborhood and met students interested in more creative software. We are here as a resource until August and have been inviting anyone to hang out and ask questions. I’d also like to add that our specialty is creative computer use, using computers for art-making, which is essential for any professional artist.

 Being that it is so relevant these days, what do you think keeps schools (and other learning facilities) from focusing more on teaching computer skills? 

Cost, and lack of skill from teachers. We want to teach skills are useful when you’re trying to get your ideas across, when you are making multi-media art, and when you are experimenting. We definitely aren’t a technical school. We are by artists for (future) artists. School is bad at teaching anything that strays away from the norm.

How do you see the arts and computer technology amalgamating further in the near future?

They have already been sleeping with each other for a while, but I see more 3D printing and rendering being used in sculpture, and more conceptual interactive pieces that will use programming to dictate and emotional response.

What are some specific skills which Powrplnt will be lending training in?

We are finishing our first four-week course with a group show this Friday, June 27th, from 6 to 10pm. This will display work from students that became familiar with Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and Ableton Live. Our next four-week course, beginning the second week in July, will cover Tumblr design, font and poster making, and how to build a t-shirt brand, which the students will then do and be able to sell.

We are trying to keep the structure very real-world based. By showing the student’s work at the end of the month, they are getting first hand experience that is so valuable. We are preparing young artists to be ready and successful in pursuing a career as an artist and creative. There are still spots for some of these classes if you are a teen or know a teen who may be interested.

We also have teaching artists that are leading all-ages classes in Ableton, Photoshop. and web design.

We are looking for teachers in 3D Rendering software like Blender and Rhino.

How can people get involved with Powrplnt, either to take classes or volunteer?

Everyone should follow our instagram for updates. We have a volunteer form on our website or they can just email We have a kick ass Indiegogo campaign that has really awesome perks. Check out our website at

Also, just stop in and say hello!


Flyer designs by Bianca Perez.


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