“What I want in the Future”


When I grow up I only wanna have 2 kids
One son and one daughter thats 2 bibs
One pink the other one is a blue bib
No twins so ima be getting 2 cribs
But this is how i want it
exactly in this order
First son and then comes my little daughter
Cause if her mother and own father is not there
God for bid, her big brother be right there
Nightmares is something that THEY will not have…
Cause they got mom
and they got dad
And as a real man ima be there for them
Ima tell them daddy is right here for them
Take care them and give them what I never had
Starting off with a dad
that wont leave them sad
The only time that im leaving is to get money
Cause I ain’t gonna be having my kids dress bummy
THEY always gonna be having food in and out the tummy
And that’s real talk
ain’t nothing funny
As a kid I was going through alot of shit
But my kids ain’t going through what they father did
And that’s word to my mother and my lil sis.
Rolando Nellis 18
Ro lives in Brownsville, Brooklyn but also spends a lot of time in Bushwick.  This kids way of releasing words is completely amazing.

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