Spaces, Groups, and Projects:

3rd Eye(Sol)

3rdEye(Sol) is a multi-disciplinary art space in the heart of Bushwick/Bed Stuy that presents a ground-breaking experience through a variation of creative art forms: Spoken word poetry, Exhibitions, Hip-Hop, dance, music, performance art, fashion shows, experimental theater, film screenings, video production. 3rdEye(Sol) also provides community-driven workshops meeting the immediate needs of the Bushwick Community such as a free children’s art program called “A.L.I.V.E” (Art Lets Inner Voices Emerge) that exposes kids to creative outlets to express and discover themselves.

596 Acres

Hundreds of acres of vacant public land are hidden in plain sight behind chain-link fences in New York City, concentrated in neighborhoods disproportionately deprived of beneficial land uses. 596 Acres is building the tools for communities to open all these rusty fences and the opportunities within them to improve the areas they live in.

The Base

This is a space in Bushwick that hosts events and classes relevant to radical Left action and ideas. Just about everything is free or by donation. They also have a library.

Brooklyn Puerto Rican Youth Initiative

Starting this fall, participants ages 12 to 21 can become a part of this six to eight week program that consists of Puerto Rican political and cultural education. The BPRYI will help young people discover that they have a lot to be proud of. At the end of the program young people interested in continuing the movement may become youth leaders/peer educators and work as a collective on a campaign strategy to combat the disparities that many Puerto Rican youth face in education and employment.


BK ROT is a compost collection service powered by local youth in Bushwick, Brooklyn. They offer seasonal compost pick-up memberships to residents for a small fee, which helps them provide stipends to local youth who run the service.

Brooklyn Legal Services

Brooklyn Legal Services Corporation A’s purpose is to provide high-quality legal assistance to low-income individuals and community groups in Brooklyn. We view legal assistance in terms of community development, education, and mobilization, as well as traditional representation. To that end, we partner with and provide legal services to effective local grassroots organizations that have a demonstrated commitment to our common goal of social and economic justice.

Brooklyn Solidarity Network

What is a solidarity network? People having each others’ backs. A group of people willing to take direct action against the exploitation of members of our community. This can take the form of phone blasts, flyering, picketing, and other measures to stand up to the abuse of landlords, bosses, and other exploitative forces. Brooklyn Solidarity is a group of volunteers that hopes to offer this form of tactical opposition to those in Brooklyn facing employer or landlord harassment (stolen wages, deposits, unmade repairs, etc.). Not a charity organization, Brooklyn Solidarity aims to stand up with, not for, our neighbors and comrades as they fight back for control of their lives!

Bushwick Eco Action Network (BEAN)

Bushwick Eco Action Network (BEAN) provides a forum for ecological observation, exchange, organizing and action in Bushwick. Inspired by the principles of Permaculture, they seek to create a more balanced urban ecosystem in relationship to Bushwick’s neighborhood growth.

Bushwick Housing & Legal Assistance

Bushwick Housing & Legal Assistance is a program, within the 30 year-old Ridgewood Bushwick Senior Citizens Council, that has been helping tenants avoid eviction and obtain repairs in the Bushwick neighborhood for close to a decade. They have successfully represented clients in non-payments, holdovers, and HP proceedings in Housing Court as well as at NYCHA hearings.

Bushwick Housing Independence Project

The Bushwick Housing Independence Project helps to preserve existing affordable housing for low and moderate-income families in Bushwick. They work to provide tenants with the skills they need to preserve their apartments and secure needed repairs and services.

El Puente

El Puente is a community human rights institution that promotes leadership for peace and justice through the engagement of members (youth and adult) in the arts, education, scientific research, wellness and environmental action. Founded in 1982 by Luis Garden Acosta, El Puente currently integrates the diverse activities and community campaigns of its Center for Arts and Culture and its Green Light District & Community Wellness Program within its four neighborhood Leadership Centers, and its nationally recognized public high school, the El Puente Academy for Peace and Justice. Organizing in North Brooklyn and beyond, El Puente remains at the forefront of community/youth learning and development issues and as such, initiates and impacts social policy both locally and nationally.

Just Info

A hotline providing free legal information that can help reduce or avoid the harm caused by aggressive policing tactics and jail. Call 1-85-JUST-INFO. For more information or to volunteer, visit or call (212) 227-2329.

Make the Road New York

Make the Road New York (MRNY) builds the power of Latino and working class communities to achieve dignity and justice through organizing, policy innovation, transformative education, and survival services.

Mayday Space

A soon-to-be-opened bar & community space in Bushwick, Brooklyn for engaging programming, nightlife events & social justice organizing for all of NYC. As a new project housed in Bushwick, Brooklyn, Mayday acknowledges the rapid gentrification that is displacing many families, low-income tenants and small businesses in the area. They will work In solidarity with local organizers and residents to become a neighborhood resource for community empowerment.

Northwest Bushwick Community Group

North West Bushwick is an inclusive community group advocating, communicating, educating, organizing, and acting around local Bushwick needs. NWB is interested in building a strong community coalition while building channels of communication and local relationships. We are interested in preserving local communities and creative opportunities. We are interested in a diversity of tactics to address local concerns and meet community needs.

Pratt Area Community Council

PACC’s organizing team is dedicated to preventing displacement, organizing for safe housing, and preserving subsidized and stabilized housing. We do this through our programs and organizing work with tenants living in rent-stabilized apartments, unregulated housing, and Project Based Section 8 buildings. PACC holds a Monthly Community Organizing meeting on the third Thursday of each month, where residents come together to discuss campaigns, learn about new issues, and decide plans of action.

Silent Barn

Silent Barn is a multi-functional all-ages art incubation space in Bushwick. It operates a daily all-ages events venue, facilitating music, performing arts, and other events; it acts as an experimental sandbox for a wide variety of social and interactive projects; and it hosts a residency program for artists of all ages who may benefit from living in the center of public art and performance activity. They are open to hosting a wide range of community events.


Founded in 1966, by Puerto Rican activists and proud to be known as Brooklyn’s oldest Latino community based organization- UPROSE has become a grass roots , multi-ethnic, intergenerational community-based organization dedicated to developing indigenous leadership dedicated to environmental and social justice. UPROSE works to ensure meaningful community engagement, facilitates participatory community planning practices, and promotes sustainable development with justice and governmental accountability. Their efforts encompass the variety of campaigns that address the environmental, climate and health challenges faced by frontline communities living in the midst of the disparate siting of environmental burdens.


Useful Info: 

General Bushwick Statistics

What To Do If You’re Stopped By The Police



Aftermath Supplies

Aftermath Supplies has been the first shop in Brooklyn to feature supplies for creative reuse. Their materials are sourced from donation, salvage, and offered on consignment. As of April, they converted their space into a studio atmosphere that will include sewing and screen printing. The space now offer services of that nature along with classes and collaborative workshops. Aftermath still offers specific supplies, at your request, such as items for painting, sewing, textiles, and general crafts. Please stop by and check out our Free Shelf, where many miscellaneous donated items such as clothing, art supplies, books, and much more can be found at any given time.

Brooklyn Arts Council

BAC gives grants, presents free and affordable arts events, trains artists and arts professionals, teaches students, incubates new projects and promotes artists and cultural groups across our borough.

New York Foundation for the Arts

NYFA provides the concrete resources that working artists and emerging arts organizations need to thrive.


General Reading:

La Respueta: A Magazine to (Re)Imagine the Boricua Diaspora

The New Urban Frontier: Gentrification and the Revanchist City by Neil Smith

Rebel Cities: From the Right to the City to the Urban Revolution by David Harvey

Gentrification’s Insidious Violence: The Truth about American Cities

Building Power in the City: Reflections on the Emergence of the Right to the City Alliance and the National Domestic Worker’s Alliance


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