Our Team


The following are our current core members. Click on the person’s name to read their personal biography.

Jaz Colon


Music breeds love. We are each an individual instrument of life and together we play a melody so beautiful that not even an orchestra can imitate this tune of synchronicity.” ~Jazo~



Sarah Quinter

Artist, writer, activist, and New York City native, Sarah is passionate about connecting people through grassroots media.




Camilla Zhang


Words are my tools. Reading is my jam. Interconnectivity, my worldview. Tethered to creating all forms of art (jewelry, costumes, collage). Editor extraordinaire.



Kassandra Stewart 

kassys pic

Hip Hop Orientated, Writer, Bushwick Native, Afro Centric, Natural Chica




Bianca Perez

b Bianca Perez is a 20 year old Bushwick native, writer, and artist. She is becoming increasingly passionate about being engaged in her community.

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